Festivals in Thailand一覧

The town of Lop Buri, located 153 km North of Bangkok, you can witness one of the strangest feasts going.The food is not for you. In fact the food is not for any human at all!
Every year on the last Sunday of November, the local people provide a huge feast for some 3000 long-tail macaque monkeys that inhabit this part of Thailand, the Lop Buri Monkey Banquet. Lop Buri has long been famous for the sheer number of monkeys that hang around the town. The monkeys practically run the place, even take the train to commute to where they know they can find food.

In Bangsai District, Ayutthaya, you can see the grandeur of Loy Krathong Tam Pratip and the long boat race at Bangsai Arts and Crafts Centre of H.M. queen Sirikit of Thailand.

Northern Thai hills turn golden-yellow when the Mexican Sunflower (Tithonia Diversifolia) blooms each year. When the flowers fade, the seeds are used to make insecticides.

The most magnificent scene of a "Tak Batr Devo Procession" in Thailand is at the Sangkat Rattana Khiri Temple in Uthai Thani Province.

The festival has its origin in a traditional Buddhist tale. When Prince Vessadorn, the Buddha's penultimate incarnation, returned to his city, the welcoming procession was so delightful that spirits emerged to celebrate.