In entering hallowed spaces such as temples, classrooms, even someone's home, shoes are removed. (For your own convenience, loafers are best.) In rural settings, where it is common to walk barefoot, the feet are bathed at the entrance to the house. In offering food to monks during their morning rounds, the offering laity remove footwear as a sign of respect. Women will also avoid touching a monk in making an offering.

On occasions where gifts are given or received, the gift, tastefully wrapped, is always presented and received with the right hand only. The left hand is ritually cupped below the right elbow and the head bowed slightly in respect. The act may be completed with a "wai" also. Feet should never be used to shove an object on the floor to someone. In sitting, care must be taken to avoid pointing the feet, even unintentionally, at someone else. In sitting on the floor, men can sit cross-legged; women "tuck" their legs to the side. In festive occasions, women and men tend to congregate and converse with members of their own gender.