Buddhist monks chant auspicious stanzas blessing the openings of new businesses. They officiate at housewarmings. Brides and grooms make meritorious offerings of food on their wedding days and are blessed and sprinkled with holy water. Monks also chant prayers during nightly rites preceding cremations.

One fundamental reason for the Thais generous support of the Sangha (the Buddhist monastic order) is that there are few Buddhist families in which at least one member has not studied the Buddha's teaching within monastic surroundings. Not uncommonly, a man, after discharging his worldly duties and family obligations, will spend his remaining years as a Buddhist monk.

It has likewise long been a Thai custom for Buddhist males over twenty to be temporarily ordained as Buddhist monks, generally during the annual Rains Retreat. Government offices, certain sections of the armed forces and larger private companies make temporary ordinations easier by granting their employees three months' leave with full salary.

Temporary ordination, ranging from five days to three months, is not the exclusive privilege of any one class. Everyone from a farmer's son to royalty may take this unique change for self-improvement.