A famous shrine in Bangkok (ศาลแม่นาคพระโขนง) is located near Sukhumvit Road, Soi 101. It is containing the grave of the dreadful ghost "PHI PHRA KHANONG" . This ghost has frightened Thai people since almost a century.

Last century, when Bangkok was still called the "Venice of the Far East", a woman called "MAE NAK" (แม่นาค) was married to a soldier. After a while her husband has to go to a remote place. Alas she was already pregnant.While her husband was away, she died with the baby still inside her body. So as Thai people believe, a woman who died with her baby creates a powerful spirit called "PHI TAI HONG THONG KLOM" . She started to frighten all her neighborhood, killed some people, so everybody was afraid of her. But she still loved her husband deeply.Her husband didn't know anything about his wife's death. So when he came back home his wife was waiting for him. Many persons did warn him that his wife was dead and that he was living with a ghost but he did not believe them. One day when "MAE NAK" was preparing the dinner and her husband bathing himself in the bathroom, a lemon fell from her hand. As the house was a Thai traditional house, it was built on piles and so the lemon fell on the ground 2 meters lower than the house's floor. So the ghost "MAE NAK" made her arm longer in order to get it. But her husband saw that and understood that his wife was a ghost and managed to flee from the house.Thanks to a monk, the spirit was imprisoned in a bottle and thrown in the river. The monk covered the bottle with a cloth. On this cloth was written Pali language in order to disable the spirit from going outside the bottle. But the legend is not over. Two fishermen trying to catch some fish got the bottle and freed "MAE NAK".But the husband of "MAE NAK" was living with another woman. The ghost of "MAE NAK" managed to find them and killed her husband's new girlfriend.

Finally "MAE NAK" accepted to stop killing because a monk promised her that in a next life she would live again with her husband. Nowadays Thai people still believe in the story of "MAE NAK PHRA KHANONG". Thai people don't like to speak about ghosts, they are afraid to meet them in their dreams while sleeping.