Held annually in the third lunar month, this ceremony is the way in which Samut Sakhon people pay homage to Pantai Norasingh, their hero who has become a symbol of loyalty. During the ceremony, people set up a temporary shrine on the east side of the permanent one. There, they offer the spirit food such as a boiled pig's head, whole chickens, whole ducks, some desserts, fruit such as coconuts and bananas, betel and betel nuts and water. There is also some chanting by the monks. When the ceremony is over, people distribute the offered food among themselves for they believe that it will bring good luck and keep away diseases and harm.

This ceremony helps strengthen unity among the local people who take pride in collaborating with one another to perform the task. In addition, it sets a good example for young people who need to be taught the merits of loyalty and virtuous deeds.