Thai temples are places related to Thai Buddhism. Monks are living there. Those places are sacred. Temples also contain cemeteries. Bones are enshrined in small pagoda.Everywhere in Thailand, shops sell spirit houses and shrines to embed ancestors' ashes.

At night Thai temples become "evil" places. Monks sleep in their houses. Ghosts and spirits are reputed to wander around cemetery in temples. Some spirit doctors use the oil of buried corpse, called "NAM MAN PRAI" ( น้ำมันพราย ), to make love filters, which are told to be the best.

Still today every person who died must be cremated and not buried. When the body is cremated, the soul goes away and waits until next reincarnation. If buried, it stays on earth as a spirit and it harms everybody. In 1998, a big cremation was organized to burn many dead people. Nobody has claimed the corpses. The Poh Tek Teung Foundation and Ruam Katanyu Foundation staff are known as "body snatchers" working in great anticipation of collecting some dead corpses.