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One of the most famous fruits in Thailand is the Durian. It is widely known as the "king of fruit" and you will either love it or hate it. It is a large fruit with a spiky casing which could so easily be used as a lethal weapon. However, it is the smell which some people say is more dangerous. For more pleasant aroma is the fried durian.

If you have been to Thailand then you may have seen the Thai version of marzipan. These candies are very glossy and use very bright colours. In Thai it is called khanom look chup. They often make miniature vegetables - chili being a popular choice. They also do miniature animals. This is made by mixing mung beans with coconut milk and sugar. It is then cooked on a low heat until it becomes dry and you are able to mold it. After the sculpture is done, it is pinned to some foam with a tooth pick so that it can now be painted. To get the glossy effect, this is then dipped into a mixture of agar powder, sugar and jasmine water. This is a gelling agent. The sculpture is dipped into this solution at least three times to make a firm out layer.

These are the most popular Thai desserts that are easily available on the streets in Thailand. These desserts will only cost you between five and twenty baht.

Using just a spoon and fork is not as difficult as it might seem at first seem. Most ingredients in the meals are already cut up into bite sizes before cooking. So, unless you are eating a steak, there is no reason to have a knife. The fork is only there to scoop food onto the spoon which is then raised to the mouth. On no accounts should you put the fork in your mouth. This is much the same as putting a knife in your mouth in Western culture.

One of the best things about travelling to a distant land for your holiday is having things turned upside down on their head. What you always saw as normal practice in your home-country, is seen as abnormal or strange in another place. And vice versa. And one of the first "strange" things for foreigners who arrive in Thailand was the street hawker selling ice cream. Nothing strange in that you might say. However, it was how they served the ice cream (or "i sa-creem" as the Thai call it or "i-dtim" as the kids call it). You can choose to have your ice cream in a familiar cone or plastic cup, or in a bread roll! At first that was too weird to contemplate. But after tasting it, you will become addicted.