In Thailand, we have 3 meals same as other countries. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the main meals but Thai people like to have snacks between meals. A lot of snacks. We eat our meals with a spoon and fork or sometimes with chopsticks if we have noodles. All food is cut up when it is cooked so we don't need to use a knife!

For breakfast, Thai usually have Joke which is rice porridge with pork or Kai Jee-o
(omelette) or Khao Mun Khai, a chinese chicken with rice. For lunch, we have such as Ba-me is an egg noodle soup with pork and vegetables, Pad Pak, fried vegetables, Pad Bai Kha Praew is spicy basil with chicken (pork, shrimp, etc.). Lastly, for dinner, it is a meal that all members in a family will gather and eat together, so, there will be many dishes, such as, Pad Nhor Mai (Chicken or pork with bamboo shoots), Kaeng Khee-o Whan,a green curry with beef,Tomyam Kung is spicy lemongrass soup with shrimp, or Pla-muk neung ma-nao is steamed squid with lemon and chili. Dinner is quite a big meal.