These are the most popular Thai desserts that are easily available on the streets in Thailand. These desserts will only cost you between five and twenty baht.

(1) Khao Niew Sangkaya - Glutinous Rice with Thai Custard Topping
(2) Khanom Chun - Layered Dessert
(3) Khanom Taan
(4) Puak Kuan & Tao Kuan - Taro and Mungbean Pudding
(5) Khao Niew Dum Na Kra Cheek
(6) Sang Kha Ya Fak Thong - Thai Custard with Pumpkin
(7) Wan Kati - Jelly with Coconut Cream Topping
(8) Khao Niew Tut - Sticky Glutinous Rice
(9) Med Khanoon - Jackfruit Seed in Syrup
(10) Thong Yib - Pinched Golden Egg Yolks