Thai food is composed of herbs as the main compositions which refer to plants and vegetables including seasonings and spices. These represent the identity of the Thai food. Spices are used to season the odors, tastes and colors of the foods and as well to prevent the savory of the meat. Moreover, these spices contain various medical characteristics, thus Thai food is appropriate to good health.

For example, Chilli that is used for cooking are hot chilli, red, green and yellow chilli, sweet pepper, etc. which are different in the levels of its spicy tastes. Chilli can be used both fresh and dried or pickling in vinegar and to every dish that requires hot and spicy tastes. Some are used for smelling and reducing savory and as well to color the decoration. Sweet basil is also used as vegetable supplement and odor seasoning in spicy recipes. Lemon grass is spicy and bitter and used for seasoning the Thai food and as the main ingredient in every recipe of Kaeng Phed, spicy salads and Tom Yam.