1985-mid1990 : Video arrived and Thai cinema experienced a flood of teen flicks, starting with the formation of Tai Entertainment company and the arrival of directors Thanit Jitnukul, Adirek Wattalela, and Somjing Srisuphab. Some of most famous teen flicks of this era included Be More Crafty Hide Your Dullness (Suem Noi Noi Kalon Mak Noi) in 1985, Delighted (Pluem) in 1986, six-part series Boonchoo, and The Time Not Beyond (Kling Wai Kon Phor Son Wai) in 1991.

Teen flicks proved so popular that even directors from the social commentary era like Prince Chatreechalerm Yukol eventually made two teen films called Daughter (Sia Die) in 1995 and its sequel Daughter 2 (Sia Die 2) in 1996, both of which had a strong focus on youth problems.