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"Tee Khao" (Knee-Kick) :

The knee kick can be done by raising the knee to attack which may a bit harder for beginners because this requires proper balance maintain when attack. The main characteristic of using knee-kick is you gnerally have to be at close-quarter with opponent, but sometimes we can use knee kick to attack opponent while you are in long range such as flying knee kick. In most case, to use knee kick, you have to try to grab the opponent's neck, in order to "lock" and attack. However, when you do the clinch and knee kick, you may be attacked by opponent's elbow strike, as some time you may lose your concentration and defense.

"Tae" (Kick) :

Tae is vary commonly use in competition, due to its power that may give the opponent knock out in one shot. Normally, we use only some part of lower leg from shin to foot to kick. However, use shin to kick is much more powerful than using foot, but its disadvantage is opponent can grab your leg easier and attack.

Jumping Punch (Kra Dod Chock) :

The jump punch can be used when you are in mid-air. The power of the whole body will go into the punch so it can bring more powerful attack than normal punch. Only one weakness of the jump punch is opponent will immediately attack when you landing and losing the balance.

Hook (Mud Wiang San) :

Hook mainly used to attack side facial area such temple nose and ear. To do the hook you need to bending elbow a bit, then using the back of the nuckle to attack. To increase the effectiveness of the hook, use the same technique as do the straight punch by twisting the shoulders.

Groin protector :

As all of boxers are aware that this must be used all of the time even it is just a training. It is also suggested to use a mouth-guard for training sessions.


Thai Martial Arts一覧