The origins and history of Muay Thai are unknown; the historical documents deal very little with Thai boxing, only when it is mentioned in ancient Thai laws, in chronicles (especially with reference to military events or festive affairs), or in literature. Many later books on Muay Thai conclude that it has been a unique national martial art in the Thai nation since the distant past.

The earliest beginnings of the arts of self-defence should be similar, especially amongst Asian countries, which emphasize fighting with all parts of the body such as throwing, thumping, breaking, punching, beating, knocking, thrusting and kicking, and so on. It is believed that Muay Thai started by using all parts of the body for self-defence and for settling arguments, as well as for defending the country during the various wars.

Muay Thai was practised by the soldiers of the army in battle with neighbouring countries, in order to keep enemies from reaching them with weapons, such as swords, in combat at close-quarters. The Thais used the arts of Muay Thai, especially tae and teep, to keep their opponents at a distance, as well as to keep them off balance so that they would surrender more easily.


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