"Tae" (Kick) :

Tae is vary commonly use in competition, due to its power that may give the opponent knock out in one shot. Normally, we use only some part of lower leg from shin to foot to kick. However, use shin to kick is much more powerful than using foot, but its disadvantage is opponent can grab your leg easier and attack.

"Tee Sork" (Elbow Strike) :

It seems that the elbow strike is very unique weapon that make Muay Thai different from other martial arts sports. Elbow strike in Muay Thai can give very severe injuries to the opponent as it will be used to attack when opponent is closer distance and the major tarket of elbow strike are generally head facial area including jaw, temple, neck and so on. Using elbow strike is very flexible, you can move or swing elbow in any direction to attack, both vertically and horizontally but different method will give different impact to the attack.


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