"Tee Khao" (Knee-Kick) :

The knee kick can be done by raising the knee to attack which may a bit harder for beginners because this requires proper balance maintain when attack. The main characteristic of using knee-kick is you gnerally have to be at close-quarter with opponent, but sometimes we can use knee kick to attack opponent while you are in long range such as flying knee kick. In most case, to use knee kick, you have to try to grab the opponent's neck, in order to "lock" and attack. However, when you do the clinch and knee kick, you may be attacked by opponent's elbow strike, as some time you may lose your concentration and defense.

"Foot-Thrust" or "Push Kick"(Theep) :

To describe the foot-thrust weapon, it is the method of bend at the knee, then quickly extending your leg to use foot or heel to attack the target. "Theep" weapons are different from any other Muay Thai weapons in terms of objective to use. Foot-thrust will be mainly used as offensive technique to block the opponent's attack. The foot-thrust also use for make the opponent off balance and take a chance to attack. It is quite rare to see boxers use the foot-thrust agressively as a deadly weapon to knock out, but using foot-thrust frist then follow by kick or other weapon quickly maybe the good practice to learn. Becareful when you launch the foot-thrust, make sure you pull your leg back as quickly as you can before the opponent can grab your leg and counter attack when you are off balance.


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