I. New to martial arts, no previous experience and looking for something to learn to find out which martial art is the best.

Every martial arts have their own uniqueness and are the best of its kind. Some of you who are in this group may have seen many of tournaments that Muay Thai wins against other kind of martial arts or have seen what Tony Jaa perform in the movie and think that "Yeah Muay Thai is awesome, I need to learn that". If you want to learn Muay Thai because of this, it's not wrong, but this is only a bit of Muay Thai philosophy that you have seen from those fights or by watch the movie.

And when you decide to apply for a camp, start to learn it and be with it for a while, you will see Muay Thai is much much more than in the movie or in the ring fights. The process of training itself, especially, for ones who want to be a professional boxer, is hard and requires a lot of dedication. More than anything, Muay Thai has a lot of history and believes behind the arts, believes and the fighting technique can not be separated.


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