Wat Phra Mahathat is located to the north of what used to be the Grand Palace. It was constructed sometime in the latter half of the fourteenth century.

It is popularly believed that Wat Phra Mahathat was built during the inception of the Ayutthayan era for the purpose of housing the relics that appeared to an early Ayutthayan king, quite mysteriously. The temple as it stands today was restored during the rein of King Prasat Thong.

Wat Phra Mahathat, Ayutthaya, was recognized by its high prang or pagoda that was eventually destroyed by the Burmese invaders.The main prang of the temple is encircled by four smaller prangs and the architecture is reminiscent of the Khmer style.

Wat Phra Mahathat, Ayutthaya, is renowned for the decapitated head of Buddha head cradled by the roots of a tree. This temple definitely warrants a special visit simply because of its immense historical significance.